What is this and how does it serve me?

This tools charts the 24 hour moving average price (MA) of XHV. The graph shows the real MA for the past 24 hours and forecasts the MA 24 hours into the future. This tool can be used to make intelligent :LeoSmug: decisions regarding onshoring/offshoring by showing the general trend of the MA for the next day.

How is the MA calculated?

The MA is calculated by taking the weighted average of Chainlink data for the last 24 hours. Each Chainlink datapoint has a price and a timestamp associated with the price. Finding all prices for the past 24 hours and weighing them by the time until the next datapoint produces the 24 hour weighted MA.

Can this really predict the future?

No it can't. Think of this as a weather forecast - never telling the future, only making educated guesses based on relevant data.

How is the MA calculated in the future?

We can predict future prices as those future prices take presently available data into account when being computed. For instance, the MA in 1 hour time will be calculated using the past 23 hours and the next 1 hour of Chainlink data. We have the past 23 hours so can make a fairly accurate prediction.

The Chainlink price has been a while for now, what gives?

Chainlink provides a (price & timestamp) pair but each datapoint can be far apart. The conditions for an updated Chainlink price are 1 hour since the last data point, or a price deviation (of ?%) from the last data point.

Why does the xUSD price fluctuate? The vault price is always 1$

The price of xUSD in the chart is calculated by taking the Chainlink spot price and dividing it by the MA. If you buy 1 haven spot for 10$ and the MA is $9, the effective cost of the xUSD you can mint is $10/$9